On Site

As one of the most important points to guarantee safe food, the correct and responsible handling of these takes priority. As confirmed through the IFS certification, we are able to offer safe food through a functioning and constantly improving system. There are strong hygiene regulations in our storage and production premises and all employees are regularly trained to this effect. 

The same naturally applies to the employees in the office. They are continuously trained in product know-how. Only through constant tasting can the right instinct be developed to find the tea you require. 

Through this systematic tea tasting it is not only active further training that is practised, there is also a direct and flowing transfer of competences and experience from the older to the younger generation taking place. In this way we can guarantee that we also only supply you with satisfying products in the long term. 

In order for us to be able to pass on our know-how to you, we offer you in-house training courses and further training courses on the topic of tea on our premises. Please contact us regarding this matter; we are gladly at your disposal. 

In order to be able to advise you in as broad and competent a way as possible, our internal structures are set up in a hierarchically flat way and are designed for interdisciplinary activities.