Activities in the origin countries

We as sinas procure our teas directly from all important tea production regions of the world: India, Nepal, Ceylon, China, Taiwan, Japan, Africa and other countries.  

In so doing it is not only the high quality of the tea that is close to our hearts, but it is sustainable trading that is also important for us. We source our goods from carefully selected and certified tea producers who represent the same philosophy as we do. We buy our teas at fair prices from these partners in order to thus ensure fair working conditions in a jointly responsible way. Conversely, this leads to an above-average high quality of the products, which we are of course glad to pass on to you.  

Social commitment and sustainability has always played an important role for us. For this reason at the beginning of the 2000s we already started importing teas from Nepal on a large scale, thus helping to establish an important infrastructure on site.  

In order to take humanitarian aid to the origins in a targeted way, we started our own project "Direct & Fair" in 2013. The aim here is that you are able to directly support social projects with selected products from our catalogue through making a small donation that we also top up using our own funds. Besides the direct aid for those who need it, a positive example is to be created in this way that initiates further private and political commitment. Provincial governments are animated, for example through the PR work, to likewise make their own contribution and to invest in the different regions.  

Of course, we always support these projects on site as well.